When U are looking for the silent place where the birds are singing,
where U hear running horses and where the river in the night make U fall asleep, come to our place. Everypart what U can see in the nature. And green color make U calm... U need to stop in your life, to be able to continue in our age...


Yellow Room

Green Room

Wood Room


In the whole farm is wifi. When U would like U can rent our horses.

Your children will be so happy in our place. U can be sure no car will be dangerous. Because we are outside the village your children can run as much as they want. We offer trampoline, swing, sand area and small swimming pool. U can also use our pond for your swimming.

Your children will see so many animals.

In our farm we also have workshops for ceramics and woods. U can also create something by yourself.

Yellow room is apartment with own toilet. Shared kitchen with green room.



Kyprův mlýn v Knínicích hodnocení