About us

Farm Kyprův mlýn spread on the border of Highland. The farm was mill in history and very near is river Želetavka.

A little history

Our ancestors bough this mill at the beginning of last century from the
Lodes familly. To the mill was also 6 ha of land and also some forests.
My grandgrandfather was smart man and he increased the area of the farm. But after this comunist regime cancel all.

In 1989 started big changes and my father started to take our fields
back and started to be farmer again.

Now we have about 50 ha or land.

From 2004 we are organic farm.

We have some arable land, also grassland and we also have cows, horses and sheeps. We also have bees.

On the farm are also a lot of dogs.





Kyprův mlýn v Knínicích hodnocení